Marreese Speights Arrested On DUI Charges

Marreese Speights was arrested in Tampa early Tuesday morning – following his 27th birthday – and booked on second-degree misdemeanor DUI charges.

According to the Bay Area News Group, Speights was stopped for failure to yield the right of way. He was then administered a field sobriety test and taken to a facility where he submitted two breathalyzer tests registering .103 and .106 – well over Florida’s .08 limit.

 Speights became involved in a traffic stop after an officer pulled him over due to a failure to yield right of way while pulling out of a driveway in a black 2012 Bentley, according to the incident log. The officer detected indicators of impairment, and Speights after agreeing to roadside field sobriety exercises was arrested and transported to a breath testing facility, according to the incident log.

Speights was released shortly before noon on Tuesday on a $500 bail.

He’s the second former Florida Gator athlete that’s been detained by law enforcement in the Tampa Bay area this week. On Sunday, Reche Caldwell was booked for marijuana possession and driving on a suspended license.