Marshall Henderson Gives Michael Sam Tweet Experiment Explanation

Maybe Marshall Henderson and Donald Sterling can form their own basketball league, because after their recent controversial comments neither will be touching the NBA anytime soon. Not that Henderson actually had a professional NBA career in his future, but his Michael Sam tweet was almost assuredly the final nail in the coffin.

Before we get into Henderson’s long-winded explanation that his comments were actually a social experiment – for a gay friend in graduate school for psychology, no less – here’s the tweet that set the Internet on fire.

Following that tweet, Henderson more or less gave his reasoning – this was most likely before he realized the need to turn the situation into a “social experiment.”

Now for Henderson’s free psychology lesson to the Internet. Class is in session, folks.

And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Marshall Henderson thanking Michael Sam for being who he is.

If it looks like crap and smells like crap, then it must be crap.

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