Matt Barkley Checks Eagles Reporter On Reddit Over Arm Strength

So here’s how it went down. Eagles beat writer Jimmy Kempski wrote a preseason column questioning Matt Barkley’s arm strength. Then some dirty rat posted the piece on Reddit. Barkley didn’t take too kindly to a plebeian questioning his manhood, so he hopped on the message board to check the reporter, and it looked like this.

matt barkley

Barkley even gave love to his people while taking another swipe at the press corps.

matt barkley

Not a man to lay down, Kempski responded both on Reddit and in a follow-up column. He even tweeted it out that he’s willing to play catch with the water gunslinger.

And that leaves us here: awaiting the greatest Philly showdown since a man named Rocky Balboa went the distance with the Count Of Monte Fisto, Apollo Creed. Stay tuned, ya heard.

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