Matt Harvey’s Twitter Page Deleted Shortly After Middle Finger Post

Matt Harvey has vanished off the face of the Earth. Because if you don’t have Twitter then you don’t really exist, right? Or is that only true with Facebook? I don’t know, this social media stuff confuses me. Whatever the case, his Twitter account was deleted on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day Harvey tweeted out a picture of himself flipping the bird. It was a six-month anniversary gift to his Tommy John surgery, and even contained the following non-confrontational caption: “I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already #tommyjohn.” A short time later the tweet was deleted. A little while after that, his account was gone.

Maybe Harvey was slapped on the wrist (hopefully the left one) by the Mets. Maybe he was tired of reading jerky comments from fans. All we know is that Harvey no longer exists in the Twitterverse. And now he will never have the misfortune of tweeting out an actual offensive picture, a la US Airways, instead of one that people feign indignation over.

Well, you know, unless he posts some weird stuff on him Instagram – which is still up and running. Shalom.

Can’t believe it’s been 6 months. I guess this is how I really felt! #tommyjohn