Don’t hate Matthew Stafford because his 26th birthday party was better than yours

My buddy Heath used to throw some awesome birthday bashes that he called Heathapalooza. Lots of booze, a baseball game or two, plenty of debauchery. Typical guy stuff.

With all due respect to Heath, those weekends have nothing on Staffapalooza.

Matthew Stafford’s 26th b-day looked like a jam. Helicopters, mountain houses, glow sticks, pool-sized hot tubs – it was loaded. The best I can say about our little shindigs is that nobody ever got iced (and the name didn’t remind you of a staph infection).

Taking our helicopter ride to his big bday surprise.. A huge cabin in the mountains filled with all of his best friends. #staffapalooza #doesntgetmuchbetter

Good morning. #staffapalooza

Drink. #iced #paybackisabitch #hottubechemicalburns#staffapalooza

#staffapalooza is getting turned up tonight. #glowsticks

Go #USA #staffapalooza

Good looking group of men #staffapalooza

Better looking group of women #staffapalooza

Best welcoming crew anyone could ask for. #sograteful#staffapalooza

Wishing I was back in this hot tub on this cold day!#staffapalooza #chemicalburns

All photos and captions via Kelly Hall’s Instagram.