Chuck Pagano Guarantees Pat McAfee Will Hit A Game Winning 60-Plus Yard Field Goal

The Indianapolis Colts fell to the New York Giants last night after punter turned place kicker Pat McAfee sent a 64 yard field goal attempt wide left. Head coach Chuck Pagano thinks that’s just a sign of things to come from McAfee.

“We see him make them all the time in practice, so I’ve got great confidence,” Pagano said. “I was completely confident and the kid was confident. Obviously he had the distance, just a little bit wide left is what I saw. Before this season’s over, he’s going to hit a game-winner from 60-plus yards, I guarantee it.”

This video should give you an idea of the leg power from McAfee, or as he’s affectionately referred to, the “Boomstick”.

So for those of you who may be drafting a fantasy team soon, you may want to keep Pat McAfee in mind when looking for a kicker.