Metta World Peace Needs More ‘Electricity’ Votes For President

We’re about two years and some change out from the next presidential election, so potential candidates are starting to get batted around. There’s Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton and Metta World Peace … wait, what? Yes, Mr. United Nations started his campaign on Wednesday, and he needs all the “electricity” votes he can get.

Watermelons for black people; white bread for white people; rice for Asians; and cereal for everyone: World Peace was stumping like crazy on Twitter. Here’s a look at his early platform.

And don’t worry about, say, a Malice at Buckingham Palace. The artist formerly known as Ron Artest has his emotions in check these days.

Though he sometimes speaks like George W. Bush reincarnate.

If you weren’t already sold.

And if you’re still not there, marinate on this little koan.

Wow, Metta, that was just … just …