Montee Ball Caught Up in Mifflin Drinking Party

Montee-BallThe annual Mifflin Street Block Party at the University of Wisconsin-Madison brought the wild side out of Badger students, and hundreds of out-of-staters, who come in for one of the craziest college parties in the country. Thousands of partygoers flood Mifflin Street to enjoy a day of outdoor drinking filled with beer bongs, keg stands, and police officers trying to ruin the fun. Even Montee Ball took part in the drinking-intensive festivity, which he may or may not regret.

The Wisconsin running back was arrested and cited by Madison Police with a $429 ticket for trespassing on May 5th. According to Police spokesman Joel DeSpain, the Heisman finalist was on the porch of a home in which the resident did not want him there. Ball was cooperative and alcohol was apparently not an issue.

The number of attendees was significantly lower than previous years because of stricter rules that prohibited drinking on public property and newly enforced trespassing rules (much as Montee Ball discovered). It is estimated that 5,000 students participated in the day drinking activities.

The star running back later tweeted: “was ticketed at mifflin, on a non alcoholic..sorry for bringing any unwanted attention to badger nation.” I speak for Badger fans everywhere when I say: Ball, as long as you keep being the touchdown-machine you are, I’m sure Badger Nation will find a way to forgive you for this.

Here’s a look at Mifflin Street Block Party. It’s easy to see why Ball wanted to participate in this epic event.

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