Cristiano Ronaldo Is Making It Nearly Impossible To Hate Cristiano Ronaldo

In a recent Yahoo! article, Cristiano Ronaldo revealed why he doesn’t have any tattoos in a sport where they are so popular. The answer may seem odd given how we currently view most superstar athletes.

Ronaldo said that he won’t get ink because in some countries it effects the way you can donate blood. Some may make him wait six months to a year as a precaution against cross contamination and disease.

So for Ronaldo, the skin art isn’t worth it for him.

Further, he told Spanish radio station Cadena Cope that he is also a bone marrow donor. He became a donor after one of his teammate’s children needed a bone marrow transplant.

“It was the time when Carlos [Martins] was with us on the national team. He told us about the problem with his son and we, the players, showed great unity to help him and his son because we knew it was a very complicated situation. [Donating bone marrow] is something a lot of people think is a difficult thing to do but it’s nothing more than drawing blood and doesn’t hurt.” 

If all that wasn’t enough, he also recently let a 15 year old boy off easy after he caught him in his hotel room. The boy had found out which hotel room Ronaldo was staying in, somehow got past security and got in. The boy got a huge surprise when Ronaldo came home.

However, Ronaldo let him go without involving the police, even giving him an autograph and taking a picture with him.

So while he continues his dominance on and off the field, you can’t help but actually like the guy.

  • Jesse Smith

    Ronaldo is the man, sheesh.. when he passes people will tell folk stories about him.

  • NavymanBill

    good guy.