Pat McAfee ‘randomly’ tested for steroids after leveling Trindon Holliday

Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck headlined Sunday night’s Denver-Indianapolis game, but it was kicker Pat McAfee who turned in the top moment of the game.

McAfee absolutely leveled Broncos return man Trindon Holliday on a kickoff. It’s not often that you see a kicker (or punter) lay down that kind of lumber, and the NFL is apparently worried that McAfee may be dablling in the juice.

Below is the letter sent to McAfee from the league, requesting for a random steroid test on Monday. McAfee shared it on Twitter.

pat mcafee steroid test letter

  • Marty Finley

    Holliday is the shortest guy in the league and probably the leanest so it’s not all that hard to believe that a punter could level him when he’s running wide open. Holliday doesn’t really have the burly body of a football player like other small runners in the league (Maurice Jones-Drew and Ray Rice)

  • L Weber

    So he doesn’t get the “game ball” for that great hit? this is NFL FOOTBALL…right

  • jost

    so will Pat get fined for leading with his helmet lol

    • bobby bobby

      sadly that doesn’t look like the case. For some reason he’s getting a drug test instead lol

  • Tommy_Fitz

    I hope they follow up on this story, I would like to know the results.

  • NFL Madness

    Kickers are people too!

  • berni31650

    @ Glenn McGraw – correction: It’s Andrew LuCk … not LuCCk – geeesh!

    • Gamedayr

      Thanks for the heads-up. Not sure how that one got past the goalie. We’ve fixed it–GD

  • ridiculous man

    hahahaha…andrew “lucck”…????…and you all make a living writing this crap?…puh-LEEZE…his dad, oliver “lucck” and archie manning were on the oilers together back in the day…or was that archie “mannnnning”?…I forget…

    • Gamedayr

      Thank you for the heads-up. Not sure how that one got past the goalie. We’ve fixed it–GD

  • bibol

    Random drug test. If he is guilty it should be overturned. This is not random. I am for drug testing but follow the rules

    • Bill

      Anyone familiar with Pat McAfee knows that he has always played with abandon. Would be really surprised to find drugs in that guy’s system.

  • Gar Rogala


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