Photos of former NFL linebacker Thomas Howard’s fatal car crash

On Monday morning former NFL linebacker Thomas Howard was involved in a high-speed collision in California. The crash killed Howard and the driver of a Honda CRV.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Howard was driving his BMW over 100 miles per hour when he struck the backend of a semi truck. Howard’s car overturned, crossed the median and collided with two vehicles. Due to the volatility of the crash, it was difficult for first responders to reach the crash victims. The two deceased men died at the crash site.

Below are photos of the devastating crash, as well as the mangled BMW and the Honda CRV into which it collided. Staff Staff

  • NAAMA95

    I wonder why he was running? Wonder if he was suicidal before this accident? I’s all a shame really. The 64 year old man was just minding his business going home from work and……….it sucks to have lived your life 64 years to die tragically. I pray for both families. SMH!!!

  • Nc1987

    Doubt he was running. Probably just speeding. They didn’t stab a chance as destroyed as those cars are.