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Pizza Hut gives WCU student $10,000 after university plays hardball

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Yesterday we brought you the story of Jack Lavery, a West Chester University student who nailed an improbable, second-chance half-court shot during an in-game promotion. However, due to the fine print of the contest (only one half-court shot allowed), WCU refused to pay the student his prize money.

But have no fear, because Pizza Hut is here. The world’s largest pizza chain was so impressed with Lavery’s shot and story that they anted up $10,000 for the slighted student.

But wait, there’s more. Pizza Hut is also giving Lavery free pizza for a year.

On one hand you have WCU who not only fails to pay the prize money (or even give the kid any cash for his feat), but they take down their original video – presumably out of fear how viral it has gotten.

On the other, you have a company with a walk-in wallet willing to throw down a few grand in the name of good PR.

Such is the way of new media. When something gains traction and hits the blogosphere hard, it’s best to steer into the problem than take a hardline. Lavery and Pizza Hut: 1 – WCU: 0.

[Bleacher Report]

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