Quadriplegic Sam Schmidt Drives Incredible Lap At Indy With SAM Car

Sunday brought us another example of the incredible things human beings can accomplish. On January 6, 2000, Indy race car driver Sam Schmidt crashed at Walt Disney World Speedway, paralyzing his four extremities. Despite being a quadriplegic, Schmidt was determined to remain in racing. He is currently an IndyCar team owner, but what’s even more incredible is the fact that on Sunday, he found himself driving around a track again.

As part of his Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation, Schmidt has developed the SAM car. It stands for semi-autonomous motorcar, and allows a paralyzed individual to control it via head movements.

IndyCar posted the following video to Instagram of Schmidt making a lap on Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He reached a top speed of 97 mph.

Team owner Sam Schmidt completes a ceremonial qualification attempt in a car that allows him to drive by using head movements. #Indy500 #IndyCar

Here are a few more photos of the incredible day.

[H/T SB Nation]