Ray Rice’s Wife Janay Apologizes For Husband Allegedly Beating The Shit Out Of Her

Okay, maybe the title of this post is a little off. Technically Ray Rice and Janay Palmer were engaged when Rice allegedly beat the shit out of Palmer – so she technically apologized for getting KO’d by her fiancé. And technically Palmer apologized for the “role [she] played in that incident,” so technically she is offering a mea culpa for doing actions that resulted in Ray Rice committing domestic assault, as well as her role of getting knocked the fuck out.

“I do deeply regret the role I played in that incident, but I can say we have worked through it and continue to work on our relationship, being better parents to our daughter, and being better role models for our community…I know that Ray will win back your trust.”

So there you have it, all you nice young women out there. The next time a man beats you so badly that you’re knocked unconscious and dragged through a casino lobby, apologize like a good girl. After all, you should’ve never placed yourself in that position. Be sure to listen to Sir Sean Connery and always play nicely.

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