Reche Caldwell Arrested With Enough Molly To Make An Elephant Horny

If you were looking to roll your face off in the Metro Tampa area, I’m sorry to inform you that miss Molly might be a little late to the party. Former Florida Gator and NFL journeyman Reche Caldwell was arrested in Hillsborough County earlier this week after signing for a UPS package that contained 4.8 pounds of MDMA.

According to CBS Sports, Caldwell was booked on third degree felony charges of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. He posted bail for $2,000 on Wednesday morning and was released.

Authorities reportedly believe that the drugs had a street value of roughly $60,000. However, TMZ says Caldwell could have collected as much as $80 per gram – or nearly $180,000 for the entire package.

Caldwell is now 0-for-2 on running illegal vice operations, as he currently awaits trial for heading an illegal gambling ring. His latest arrest comes in the same week that another former Florida star (and former Patriot, as well), Aaron Hernandez, picked up double murder charges.

This is turning out to be the second consecutive banner offseason for former Florida football malcontents. So yeah, Go Gata.