Report: Aaron Hernandez’s jail assault victim was in handcuffs

On Tuesday, news leaked that Aaron Hernandez got into an altercation and badly beat a fellow inmate. One day later and word is surfacing that the assault victim was in handcuffs when an unrestrained Hernandez started his attack.

Following is a report from TMZ:

Our sources tell us … Aaron was NOT wearing handcuffs when he was allowed to go for an isolated walk in a hallway at Bristol County Jail on Tuesday … but the other inmate he encountered WAS in ‘cuffs.

As we first reported, the other inmate had been talking smack to Hernandez … and Aaron had been upset. When they got into the hallway, Aaron attacked … and we’re told he beat the crap out of the guy.

Our sources say … since the victim’s hands were restrained, he could barely defend himself from Aaron’s assault, which we’re told was brutal.

According to TMZ, the fight lasted less than a minute and authorities are looking into how the two men were isolated in the hallway at the same time. The Bristol County Jail has had no further comment on the situation.