Here Is Richie Incognito’s Telephone Number: Thanks, Twitter

If you haven’t noticed, Richie Incognito is in the middle of a public meltdown right now. Some of the highlights, er lowlights: going hard after Jonathan Martin on Twitter, beating the hell out of his Ferrari, tweeting sweet nothings to Martin, and retweeting everything from Adele songs to Alabama real estate. Now Incognito has taken things to a new level: sending his telephone number out to the world.

richie incognito phone number twitter

So if you’re tired of calling Incognito an asshole on Twitter and want something a little closer to face time, hit him up. Or maybe you’re a fan, or you want to break him off a little, here you go.

Incognito will be spending the weekend in Miami for the Ultra Music Festival. It’s just an electronic music fest where Molly flows like wine, and the attendees roll in like the salmon of Capistrano – you know, just the perfect place for a dude trying to get happy again.