Rickie Fowler Is Living The Dream: How The Young Golfer Tees Life Up

Rickie Fowler gets it. He gets what life is all about. One trip through his Instagram feed and you’ll see that the 25-year-old golfer knows how to have a good time. The Murrieta, California native is reportedly worth a cool $6 million – not too shabby.

Fowler has swag, he’s got style, and he’s enjoying one kickass ride to fortune and fame. From his younger years in sunny SoCal, to his college days at Oklahoma State, to the PGA Tour, Fowler is living the dream.

Here’s a handful of reasons why:

1. Rickie Fowler abides by “Suns Out, Guns Out”

2. Rickie Fowler isn’t afraid to send it off a yacht

3. Rickie Fowler gets groovy at Ultra

4. No explanation needed

5. Rickie Fowler is a man of his word

6. Rickie Fowler has style for days

7. Again, no explanation needed

8. Rickie Fowler is on a billboard in Bangkok, Thailand

9. Rickie Fowler spends his free time hopping George Clooney’s Casamigos Tequila jet

10. Rickie Fowler has a ’66 Mini Cooper S

11. Rickie Fowler hops private jets to college football games and F1 races in the same weekend

12. Rickie Fowler Gets To Travel The World With His Family (Photo: Pangkor Laut Resort)

13. Rickie Fowler Travels To Lunch By Way Of Helicopter

14. Who isn’t down with kitchen baseball?

15. Rickie Fowler Gets VIP Treatment For Red Bull’s Flugtag

16. Did I Mention Rickie Fowler Flies How Rickie Fowler Wants?

17. Cheerleaders Love Rickie Fowler

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