Texas A&M’s Ricky Seals-Jones Calls Out FSU Over 12th Man Ad

Dear FSU, Texas A&M wide receiver Ricky Seals-Jones would like to know what’s up with your Tallahassee Democrat ad using the Aggies’ “12th Man.” So too would the rest of the 12th Man.

You’d think that with a national championship, Heisman Trophy, and the plethora of Seminoles traditions, Florida State could do a better job of being more creative. Then again, it is FSU.

  • Sixx

    I cant stand the seminoles just like the next gator, cane and pretty much anyone outside of Leon County… But, I dont think T A&M has a copyright or other exclusivity to the term “12th Man”…. maybe Im wrong…
    I do agree it’s not very creative, if not outright lazy of fsu. Who cares…. lol

  • Sixx

    And, now that I’ve done a little research (meaning I looked it up in Wikipedia lol), I see that it is actually a trademarked term owned by A&M….
    So, yeah… fsu should cease and desist before they get a lawsuit slapped on em.

  • Holden Skanknutz

    FSU is only capable of creativity when it comes to protecting their scumbag quarterback from rape and theft charges. Just a heaping mound of dogshit.