Russian snowboarder’s iPhone crashes from women texting naked pics

Good thing the IOC handed out 100,000 condoms to contestants, because Russian snowboarder Alexey Sobolev may need a few extra thousand when he gets home. After posting his phone number on his helmet, Sobolev received a slew of texts that eventually crashed his iPhone.

Yahoo! Sports has the best report of Sobolev reaping the spoils of his ingenious plan:

Eventually, it mustered the courage to restart, which gave Sobolev a chance to share its contents with a reporter. He turned the brightness of the screen to full blast and focused on one particular girl in what can only be described as the tightest dress in human history.

And where was she from?

“Russia,” he said. “Yesterday, some guys from USA and Canada sent (text messages). Some girls sent me photos. But Russian girls: The best!”

Sobolev may not have medaled at the games, but he’s coming home a winner. Damn fine work.