Shaun White Goes To Prom, Finally Gets His Dance

Shaun White finally got his moment to shine on Friday night when he attended his first ever prom. The godfather of shredding pow was invited by Carly Monzo in a well done video, and then decided to surprise the Mount Saint Joseph Academy senior. Per CBS Philly, this is how it all went down.

“At prom they called me up,” Monzo says, “They were like ‘Carly Monzo, where’s Carly Monzo?’ And I was like ‘oh my goodness, what did I do?’ I literally thought I was in trouble.”

And when she came to the front, Carly got the surprise of a lifetime.

“It was crazy,” she says. “On the stage that was there — they just dropped the curtains.  I turned around. I was speechless.”

From there White and his band, Bad Things, jammed for the students, and Monzo had, most likely, the best prom of anyone in the greater Philadelphia area.

Wonder if they all went out for some Mountain Dew afterwards.