Steve Smith thinks Janoris Jenkins should ‘wear some condoms’

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith was all set to face-off 1-on-1 against young St. Louis Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins when their teams faced off on Sunday. What he hadn’t realized, in his Panthers’ 30-15 win, was that Jenkins was going to take trash-talking to an extremely personal level.

Immediately after the game, Smith told reporters that if he saw Jenkins in the street, he would punch the defensive back in the mouth – but he wasn’t done there. On Tuesday, Smith went on WFNZ the Fan in Charlotte to chat further about Sunday’s extracurricular activities. Via CBS Sports:

“I talk mess and I love talking mess and that’s part of the game. But I would never walk up to a guy — first of all I don’t really know outside of watching him on video — and Google his wife’s name and her birthday and call her outside of her name and call that in the jest of sportsmanship or gamesmanship.”

Interestingly, it looks like Smith had, in fact, done some research into Jenkins for his radio spot. The 24-year old has already fathered four children: Janorion Jenkins, Janoris Jenkins Jr, Legend Jenkins and Paris Jenkins.

At that, Smith had a little advice for his new trash-talking nemesis.

“It sounds like he needs to wear some condoms,” Smith said. “That’s what it sounds like he needs to wear.”

Well then.

[H/T: TBL]

  • Devilrideer

    Were these Jenkins children all born to the same woman? If not, he could take some lessons from Shawn Kemp. How many – I heard 15 by 12 different women. Is that close to correct?

  • bluleo70

    sounds like Steve needs to wear some duct tape on his mouth.