How Many Fantasy Football Teams Drafted Tim Tebow? More Than Chad Henne

With the majority of fantasy football leagues around the country already set for the upcoming season, one stat among ESPN drafts stood out: There are currently more fantasy leagues that own Tim Tebow than incumbent Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback Chad Henne.

According to ESPN’s Phil Murphy, Tebow was selected to 1.3% of the teams compared to Henne’s 0.8%.

Is this a product of the ongoing infatuation with Tebow, or the fact that nobody has faith in Henne?

Or maybe it’s a result of how Blake Bortles has performed this preseason, and the fact that he will likely take over the starting QB duties sometime this season.

Are the Tebow picks a gag selection at the end of a long, drunken draft?

Whatever the case may be, it’s interesting to still see Tebow with this sort of draw, especially since he’s unlikely to play a down this season.