Video: Charles Barkley not sold on AC Green’s virgin story

I am an unabashed fan of the “Dan Patrick Show” – mug of coffee, cup of orange juice, and DP on TV kick off my mornings – so take that into consideration when I say that whenever Charles Barkley is on the DP Show, stop what you’re doing and listen. It’s 15 minutes of uninterrupted gold – and at a more accessible time than the late-night NBA wrap on TNT.

During his segment on today’s program, the always-candid Barkley dropped some great nuggets of info. We learned that he won money on the Super Bowl, that every team in the NBA at some point has tanked, and that Barkley has very strong feelings about ESPN’s coverage of sports. However, the part that will likely get the most pub is Barkley’s talk of AC Green.

For the youngsters, AC Green was sports’ most famous virgin until Tim Tebow came along. Barkley talks about playing in the ’80s with Green, and his disbelief that the former teammate held onto a v-card for an entire career.

Below is the full interview (which is well worth your time), but for talk about the Lakers and temptations for players, fast-forward to the 8-minute mark.