Video: Earl Thomas provides ‘Free Safety Advice’ for people of Seattle

Seattle Seahawks free safety Earl Thomas set up a booth on a city street, where he proceeded to dole out some “Free Safety Advice.”

Or is it “Free Safety Advice?” Either way, it doesn’t look like the fair citizens of the city of Seattle are being very receptive of the All-Pro’s small tidbits of advice.

He spends the majority of this pretty hilarious segment being ignored as he tries to make the city’s streets safer for future generations. At the end, however, a nice lady talks to him and even wants to provide some advice of her own.

“Don’t talk to strangers.”

If we’ve learned one thing, it’s that Thomas needs to take off his helmet and mug for the camera a bit more during games.

  • eYeDEF

    You got that right. Damn, not one person recognized him. I admit if it were me I might not have either unless I looked closely.