Video: Jimmy Fallon unveils Sochi superlatives for Olympic athletes

Monday night was Jimmy Fallon’s first episode as host of “The Tonight Show.” Like a good company man, one of his bits for the evening involved an NBC crown jewel: the Olympics.

Below are Jimmy’s Sochi superlatives, including Danny Davis as “Most Likely to Be Able to Turn Water into Weed.”

On Tuesday, American bobsledder Steve Holcomb responded to Fallon’s chicken wing jab with a little poke of his own.

“I actually did offer Jimmy a ride [in the bobsled] at the beginning of the season and he declined,” Holcomb told NBC’s Dan Patrick on Tuesday. “He said he was scared.”

He also had a little fun with Fallon on Twitter.

So there you have it, folks. This is how the publicity machine works. New host drops some zingers. Athlete responds. It all happens on NBC. Network enjoys the 360-degree exposure.

Tune in tonight to see if Fallon keeps the “feud” going!