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Video: Oregon football team has snowball fight in locker room

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What do you do if you’re the Oregon Ducks and it snows in Eugene? You take the opportunity to bombard the country’s most beautiful locker room with a snowball fight.

There are probably robots in the walls that will come out to clean up the mess anyways.

Somewhere, Phil Knight is upset that he didn’t get to play like a kid for a few minutes.

[Thanks to SB Nation for the chilly tip]

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  • Annah Marie Taylor

    they also harassed a bunch of people outside and pelted their professors with snow and blocked their vehicles. Sounds like a bunch of jerks to me

    • JB

      I just saw this video a little while ago. Were any of those people from the football team? What is UO saying about the matter? Can’t believe they kept pelting the guy when he got out of his vehicle.

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