Video: Johnny Manziel isn’t even close to being the coolest guy on Texas A&M

If the general public was asked which member of the Texas A&M football team they would like to party with, undoubtedly the vast majority would answer with a resounding “Johnny Football!”

But being the party king doesn’t necessarily make someone “cool.”

Manziel and several of his teammates were queried during 12thManTV’s “Ask the Aggies” segment regarding who was the coolest player on the team.

Mr. Football did not get any mentions, but Toney Hurd Jr. sure did. Apparently the man just knows how to dress. Ben Malena tallied a few votes (including one from Ben Malena himself) and even Coach Sumlin received a “cool guy vote.”

Of course, Manziel has always claimed to simply be one of the guys. If this video is an indication of anything, it is precisely that fact. Manziel may be Johnny Football to the sports world, but he seems to be just another guy in the locker room.

[H/T: College Spun]