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Washington Post tracks down location of 78 original Heisman Trophies

Cred: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

In a wonderful piece, the Washington Post tracked down the 78 original Heisman Trophies and wrote about their individual journeys. Many of the awards have been displayed on family mantles. Some, however, have very interesting backstories.

It’s well known that O.J. Simpson sold his trophy in order to pay debts from a civil lawsuit. A man by the name of Tom Kriessman bought the Heisman for $255,500; it now sits in a Philadelphia safety deposit box.

Jason White’s daughter used his statue as a prop to stand up for the first time. Before South Carolina games, George Rogers charges $5 to anyone outside of Williams-Brice stadium wanting to hold his statue. Ron Dayne’s Heisman Trophy is displayed in a Wisconsin Buffalo Wild Wings.

The Post’s article is a must-read for fans of sports history, or people who enjoy the weirder side of athletics. You can find the story here and here.

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