Wes Welker Talks Kentucky Derby Winnings With Dan Patrick

With every interview, Wes Welker climbs closer towards a “Dan Patrick Show” pantheon guest. He’s not quite Charles Barkley/Warren Sapp/Reggie Miller status, but maybe one day – like coach always said, “if you can dream it you can do it.”

Anywho, Friday’s rap session with DP proved to be another memorable one, in which Dan Nation learned just how much money Welker won at the Kentucky Derby … kind of. Welker wouldn’t give up specifics, but basically said he had the Midas touch that day, and that it was enough cheddar that his wife wasn’t mad. As for passing out money to fans – giving C-notes is nicer than scribbling your name on paper.

Below is the full interview between Patrick and the most perfect spokesperson for Old Spice.