Thursday’s the New Friday Drinking Game: Bengals at Dolphins

Finally! We have a halfway decent game this week. The Bengals are division leaders and the Dolphins, well, they won their first three games. If it was Week 4, this would be the Game of the Week.

Who in the heck looks at a game schedule and says, “Dolphins versus Bengals. I love it! That’s ratings gold.” Here’s some free advice, NFL: schedule the Raiders for a game on Halloween each year. Adjust Oakland’s bye week during the times the holiday is on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Raiders will be to Halloween what the Lions and Cowboys are to Thanksgiving. You’re welcome in advance.

I’m done ranting. It’s Halloween, after all. We’re going to switch things up a little because of the holiday. Let’s get right to it.

1 If by Land; 2 If by Air

Every Rushing Attempt (1 Drink)

Every Completed Pass (2 Drinks)


Fan in Costume (1 Drink)

Halloween Song  leading into/out of commercial or highlight (2 Drinks)

Cheerleader in Costume (3 Drinks)

Halloween Pun/Joke (4 Drinks)

Anything having to do with a Pumpkin (5 Drinks)

Announcer/Analyst dressed up (10 Drinks per analyst, this includes halftime)

Physical Challenge

Every time you get up for trick-or-treaters take your beer. Sure, you’ll look like the village drunk, but you are playing a drinking game on a weeknight. Pass out the candy, then drink for the amount of kids at the given visit. (8 kids=8 drinks).

Bonus Challenge

Take a shot of Fireball every time a fan dressed like a devil is shown.