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Bracketology, Dec. 5: Projecting the 2014 NCAA men’s tournament field

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Cred: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

In a stunning turn of events, the NCAA has decided that the selection committee will be scrapped in favor of me slotting the tournament this March. Much like that time Don Corleon asked me to do something, this was simply an offer I couldn’t refuse. This is part projection and part opinion on how the NCAA tournament will look this March.

Here are a few reminders:

  • A total of 32 leagues have automatic bids. The reaming 35 teams are at-large bids.
  • Automatic bids are from the conference tournaments for everyone but the Ivy League.
  • In the past, league match-ups were not possible until the Elite 8 (unless a league sent a lot of teams); however, with all the musical chairs caused by football, teams from the same league can meet as early as the round of 32.
  • The winner of the Midwest, where the best 1 seed is placed, will take on the winner of the West.  The South winner, second best 1 seed, will take on the East winner.

1. Michigan State

16. Alabama State / UNC-Greensboro

8. New Mexico

9. Charlotte

5. Iowa State

12. Belmont

Impressions: Computers love Belmont as they sit with a top 40 RPI and top 50 SOS.

4. Memphis

13. Ohio

6. Dayton

11. Ole Miss

3. Oklahoma State

14. Eastern Washington

7. Michigan

10. Saint Mary’s

2. Connecticut

15. Manhattan


1. Kansas

16. North Carolina Central

8. North Carolina

9. Texas

5. Massachusetts

12. Drake

Impressions: Classic committee tactic, pair two mid majors in the 5-12 line.  Both schools are off to their best start in years.

4, Wichita State

13. Bryant University


11. Southern Mississippi / BYU

3. Oregon

14. Youngstown State

7. Colorado

10. Missouri

2. Kentucky

15. Stephen F. Austin


1. Arizona

16. Louisiana-Lafayette / Stony Brook

8. Virginia

9. Indiana

5. Gonzaga

12. Harvard

Impressions: Harvard is the team no one wants to draw in the opening round. The Crimson has no where to go but up as they rack up the wins. This team could finish much higher than the 12 line come March.

4. Florida

13. Drexel

Impressions: Drexel is a pretty good team, but will be underseeded thanks to the Colonial not being very good.

6. Iowa

11. Florida State

3. Louisville

14. New Mexico State

7. Illinois

10. Pittsburgh

2. Ohio State

15. USC Upstate


1. Syracuse

16. Hawaii

8. VCU

9. Creighton

5. Baylor

12. Utah State

4. Duke

13. Winthrop

Impressions: Duke may be ranked No. 10 in the nation, but a 96th rated RPI and a dismal 146th ranked SOS leaves a lot to be desired.


11. George Washington / LSU

3. Villanova

14. Boston University

7. Oklahoma

10. Boise State

2. Wisconsin

15. Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne

Last 4 in

George Washington



Southern Miss

First Four Out




Louisiana Tech

Next Four Out


Arizona State

Saint Louis



32 League Champions

26 Major at-larges

10 Mid Major at-larges

League Breakdown

7: Big Ten

6: ACC, Big 12

5: SEC

4: A-10, Mountain West, Pac-12

3: American, WCC

2: Big East, C-USA, Missouri Valley

1: 20 Others

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