Carolina Hurricanes tweet cold reality of ESPN and NHL to Blue Jackets

Just as George Bush doesn’t care about black people, ESPN doesn’t care about the NHL. Sorry, Blue Jackets.


  • Dee

    NHL teams shouldn’t complain to ESPN, they should complain to their own commissioner for not being able to secure a major TV deal.
    Ratings show more people watched the puppy bowl last night than the any televised game the NHL aired last week.
    NHL should learn how to attract women on their tv broadcast, the NBA did and it has worked great for them.

    So NHL grow your TV audience before you criticize ESPN.

  • Rich

    Hey – dog shows are popular for people who like dogs so yeah, i get it. The Westminster dog show is a big hit every year. Bottom line is if the NHL had taken a sub-par offer from ESPN a few years ago, they would have more highlights on Sportscenter. Ironically, the supposed news editors know great when they see it, as evidenced by the # of hockey plays that make it into their Top 10 segments in proportion to the number of game highlights that make the show. Sportscenter is supposed to be a NATIONAL sports highlight show and does anyone really think there are more national fans of a Creighton/St.Johns basketball game than there are hockey fans around the country? How many more highlight dunks can we watch? it’s a joke that they don’t show a little more hockey and I think it’s funny that the hockey fraternity can make fun of that. I am also curious about the statement on the NBA and female attraction. What have they done to attract more women?