Just A Normal Guy, Daniel Snyder Enjoys An Ice Cold Budweiser

Hey bros and brodettes, Daniel Snyder here (but call me Dan):

I just wanted to check in on the world and see how all my brahs are kickin’ it.

Oh, me? I’m just sittin’ here, chillaxin on the front porch in my Lee dungarees and sippin’ an ice cold Budweiser – Bud Heavy as I like to call it. Just working for the weekend, ya dig?

Sure I have a billion dollars.

Sure I own the Washington REDSKINS (and I swear to God, if you call it something else, I will f*cking cut you).

But I’m cool, baby doll. A man on the grind, just like you. Did you catch my interview with Chris “Hanging Brain” Cooley on ESPN? He knows the slide.

Cooley: What’s your favorite beer?

Snyder: Bud Light.

Cooley: Really, Bud Light?

Snyder: Yup, yeah.

Cooley: If you could have one beer in your life to choose to drink, you’d say, “I’m gonna have a Bud Light.”

Snyder: Yeah. Or a Bud.

Cooley: Or a Bud?

Snyder: Yeah. It’s like one special beer in my life, you said, so it’d be a Bud.

Cooley: Not like an Italian special, like a Peroni?

Snyder: No, no.

Cooley: Just a Bud Light?

Snyder: Absolutely.

You see. All these senators, writers, talking heads and injuns want to hate like some kind of monster. But deep down I’m just Danny from the block: a simple man who enjoys a nice pair of shoes, a tasty Bud Light, and a little bit of football.

Remember: take ‘er easy and take ‘er often.

Thumbs Up,

Chief Dan Snyder