Dick Vitale Live Tweeting Lionel Richie Concert Was Monday Night’s Best Event

Sorry Major League Baseball, but your Home Run Derby was a distant second to Dick Vitale live tweeting Lionel Richie’s concert from the Tampa Amphitheater on Monday night. When competing against a couple of legends like Dickie V and Richie, you’re going to need more Giancarlo Stanton moonshots, less Chris Berman mic fails.

Forget all night long, can we get Dickie V to live tweet concerts all year long? Without further ado, here’s Vitale and his wife’s awesome night, baby.

This picture of Dickie V with Cee Lo Green and his girls was enough to win the night alone.

At the Lionel Richie concert in Tampa with Cee Lo Green

All night long Baby @LionelRichie @jksports @leefitting.

And if you must ask Dickie V, it went a little something like this.