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Erin Andrews Dishes About Life On And Off The Field In Health Magazine Interview

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Cred: Health Magazine

In the September issue of Health magazine, everyone’s favorite sideline reporter, Erin Andrews, graces the cover and dishes about her life on TV, in the social realm and how she has wanted to be involved with sports her entire life.

In the interview, the UF aluma talked about her early career influences being Hannah Storm and Melissa Stark, saying:

Hannah Storm, who did NBA on NBC, was a big influence.  Monday Night Football’s Melissa Stark showed that it was OK to be, like, really good-looking and know everything about the NFL. The first time I met her face-to-face, I geeked out and told her she was my Michael Jordan.”

EA even gave a little insight into how she handles her role in the male-dominated industry of sports:

“I didn’t even think about it until I was in the industry and people started bringing it up… I’m not really allowed to be a female in my world of sports broadcasting, because if you don’t blend in and be a guy, you’re not gonna fit in. You’re not gonna be included in the jokes, and they’re not gonna want to take you to the bar at night… and you won’t hear all the real stories about what’s going on with the teams, because everybody will be like, ‘She’s just a girl.”

But she also admitted that taking on that GuysGirl personality at work doesn’t always fly at home with the boyfriend, NHL player Jarret Stoll.

“I feel like I’m one of the guys anyway. I’m such a guy’s girl that even in the relationship I’m in now, my boyfriend has had to say, ‘OK, can I be the boy?’

Like her or loathe her, EA knows how to handle herself on and off the field – as was proven during the infamous Richard Sherman rant, where she kept her cool the entire time Sherman screamed into the camera:

“My biggest fear during that whole thing was not asking the proper follow-up question. I was like, ‘I better do this well, or I’m going to be absolutely ripped to shreds by the media.’ I knew he was talking about Michael Crabtree, but I was thinking, Do I try to change the subject? Do I mention Michael Crabtree? And then he just kind of gave me a layup… Not panicking during that whole thing came from years and years of good training.”

Based off the highlights, this Health Magazine feature seems like it’s worth the purchase price.

Be sure to check out a bonus behind the scenes clip of EA in action for the issue that hit newsstands on August 15th.

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