Erin Andrew Served Ice Cold Tweet By FSU Fan

As a Florida grad I don’t often like to give FSU credit, but damn if this isn’t smooth.

Erin Andrews is currently vacationing in Italy for a friend’s birthday. On Wednesday she posted a picture Gator Chomping at the Colosseum, along with the caption, “Gator Nation is everywhere.”

The only problem? There’s one specific place where the Gator Nation does not currently reside: the preseason Coaches Poll top 25. But no worries, an FSU fan is here to help her out with a next level troll job.

Ice cold.

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  • Justanothermonkeyman

    I kept waiting for a punchline, maybe a link to the next page? UF students don’t need to be trolled to know their football team sucked last year. Half the student body doesn’t even know what football is.

  • Garnet& Gold

    SO WEIRD…. all of a sudden UF is not a football school.

  • Chris

    Actually they finished 3rd in the final college basketball rankings where as Florida’s Shittiest University not only didn’t even make the top 25 but they didn’t even make the tourney which consists of 68 teams. If you are going to a troll you should probably specify which sport before you make yourself and school look even more pathetic than it is already perceived as nationally.

    • Casey Terrell

      the college football top 25 coaches poll came out today. this is quite apropos.

    • J

      It’s football season….

      • TJ

        well not quite yet but football season is right around the corner. Who is even talking about basketball though? Gotta give the guy some credit, andrews got an awesome rebuttal.

    • Gatorsuck

      Butthurt Gaturd fan above..guess is sucks when you rival wins the National Championship and Heisman..and you go 4 and 8…and lose to GA. Southern!!

    • Rob

      Why do clowns like you resort to hate-filled, name-calling?? What was simply good-spirited rivalry talk is denigrated by your silly rant? Florida had a powerful basketball team and FSU has a powerful football team. Deal with it.

      • Chris

        They actually are well known as being Florida’s shittiest university. Getting an undergrad degree from FSU is equivalent to getting a degree from a community college.

        • Sarah

          If you truly believe that, I question the lack of education you’ve received thus far. FSU rivals Florida for top school in the state. The only reason we’re held back in the rankings is because the Engineering school is tied to FAMU.

          • RattlerPride

            Please don’t even try to use FAMU as a excuse. You act like all your other majors are so great and I know that to not be the truth. Trust me we don’t want to be tied to FSU neither. The state give us what we ask for and be happy to give you the duces

        • Rob

          You just demonstrated your own lack of education, ignorance, and intolerance once again. Seek help before it’s too late . . . .

  • Jim

    They win one in over a decade and now suddenly everyone forgets how they are the unofficial – official pre-season National Champions. Happens every year and they have only made it to the end once in the past 14 years.

    • Super Patriot

      your tears are delicious.

    • Daniel Beverly

      national champs
      STATE Champs

      where are the Gayturds? licking Georgia Southerns cleats whils blocking their own teammates. Eat it!!!

      • Jim

        I believe you are grossly mistaken in your assumption that because I made a factual statement supported by historical data, in which you just corroborated my earlier statement about getting a little too far ahead of yourselves, not to mention, where have you been for the last decade and also make it even easier to laugh at their fanbase by coming up with ingenious phrases such as “Gayturds” and use of the phrase “Eat it!!!” I get it, you have to talk trash when you can and FSU fans can finallly do the one thing they are good at. Besides, after 14 long years of not being able to talk trash, let alone even come close to “licking cleats”, I am surprised the entire instituion has not died from brain aneurysms.

        • KevinandErin Hartman

          Hey Jim, we have the same amount of National Championships you do in football and in half the time. Your pathetic attempt at trolling is funny as hell. Keep on though as you are amusing the rest of the nation with your BS.

          • Chris

            Actually he made some very valid points. Beside FSU fans everyone in the entire country has zero respect for FSU. Don’t even get me started on the community college level education you get by going to Florida’s Shittiest University. UCF and hell even USF now is harder to get into then FSU lol

          • Justin

            UF is clearly the stronger institution and is much more respected nationally than FSU regarding both athletics and academics. FSU fans know that all too well and they have an inferiority complex. Also, FSU is in the Florida Panhandle.

          • Chris

            Exactly Justin, thank you! UF has won 33 national team titles across all sports while as FSU has won only 13…only 20 behind the gators but keep hanging on to that one you got last year FSU idiots lol

          • Jim

            The thing that is amusing to me and the rest of the nation is the fact you just revealed exactly what type of education you get from FSU. I assume you were part of that cheating scandal as well, seeing as your brain lacks the ability to calculate simple arithmetic. These are the facts, just in case you catch yourself trying to add things up on your fingers. FL has won titles in ’96, ’06 and ’08 and FSU in ’93, ’99 and ’13. Obviously you got me there with the “half the time” statement.

  • great to be a 4 and 8’er

    don’t know what football is or are trying to forget lol get real gator nation you do care you just sucked

  • Tyler Snook

    so no one cares that ppl were murdered at this place? and treated like slaves …. good job blonde bitch

  • Super Patriot

    Softball School

  • Rob

    Or, “We only win this much . . “