Bob Stoops’ Guns Are Blazing: Fires Shot At Alabama, Nick Saban

Big Game Bob Stoops is not afraid of the mighty SEC or Alabama. Prior to last season he made headlines when he stated that the world is “listening to a lot of propaganda that gets fed out to you” in regards to the Southeastern Conference. Now he’s firing shots back at Nick Saban’s recent Sugar Bowl comments.

Saban took a spin through ESPN’s “Car Wash” on Tuesday where he discussed the ending to last season. He referred to the matchup with Oklahoma as a “consolation game,” which, whether you choose to believe it or not, it was. The Tide’s dynasty had just been derailed by their arch-rival on one of the wildest plays in college football history.

But Stoops doesn’t care that Saban and his team went from chasing a three-peat (and four in five years) to Bourbon Street. What matters to him is that his team showed up to New Orleans, kicked butt, took names, and rolled back to Norman with a convincing 45-31 win.

Stoops took his turn running through the “Car Wash” just a day after Saban, where he addressed the “consolation game,” and the fact that many believed the Sooners didn’t even belong on the same field.

Stoops also made sure to let the world know it wasn’t a fluke.

Now that you’ve digested all of that, is this season going to be fun or what? The first Saturday is only 38 days away.

  • bamafan40

    As an Alabama fan all I can say is Stoops is 100 percent dead on with his comments. Saban preaches, every game and every play has a history and life of its own. Saban himself said before the season that he thought we were a little overrated and he hoped the team didn’t buy into all of the hype, and they would have to earn every victory if they wanted another championship. The Auburn game was no fluke, the last play counts just as much as the rest of them. And the OU game was definitely no fluke. Oklahoma just handed it to us from the third quarter on. But its a new season and I for one can’t wait to get it going.