Just Kliff Kingsbury Shirtless, Showing Off Abs With A Cheerleader

Larry Fedora was the man of the hour yesterday after an impressive picture of him on the beach with his daughter made the Internet rounds. Then Kliff Kingsbury had to steal his thunder. Well, it wasn’t actually Kingsbury, but rather an anonymous tipster for Outkick The Coverage and Clay Travis.

What we have here is a shirtless Kingsbury showing off his six pack of abs with a Dallas Mavericks cheerleader on one arm, some more smoke on the other, all while going “Guns Up” for Texas Tech.

There’s swag, and then there’s whatever college football’s photogenic one is working with. Respect.

kliff kingsbury shirtless abs

  • Big Dong

    Easy guys…the young lady with the black bikini is my gf.