Tony Randazzo Ejected Lloyd McClendon For Waving

Tony Randazzo does not like Lloyd McClendon. Or, if he does, he has a funny way of showing it. During the 7th inning of today’s Mariners-Tigers game, the Seattle skipper waved off the umpire’s call following a check swing that was appealed to Randazzo, who gave Alex Aviles ball four instead of strike three. The whole scene is below.

It should also be noted that Randazzo ejected McClendon the night before. During that altercation, McClendon got up to argue, and was tossed before even exiting the dugout. Randazzo’s explanation was that he “saw his [McClendon’s] act before”.

Lloyd better watch any Randazzo games from club house from now on.


  • SouthernMaster

    I was watching the game when the second ejection occurred. Randazzo is a uber sensitive tin god who shouldn’t be allowed to officiate a Little League game.