That One Time Nick Saban Was Decleated While Playing Football

Tide Sports did an absolutely wonderful feature on Nick Saban’s West Virginia roots, his high school football career and relationship with his father. I highly recommend you check it out, because its very well-crafted and entirely worth your time.

This post is something, well, something a little less nuanced. You see, Tide Sports offered up an excellent highlight video of Saban’s high school days as a QB and DB. While he was quite good (the scrambles are reminiscent of Fran Tarkenton), one play stood out. It’s basically Saban getting absolutely rocked during a kickoff return.

I’m sure this happens to anyone who plays the sport, most especially anyone who stands in on special teams. But still … it’s kinda weird seeing Lord Saban manhandled in any fashion.

Oh well, in only mere hours we’ll see St. Nick delivering boots to asses like we’ve become accustomed.

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