Steve Spurrier Takes Shot At Texas A&M’s Schedule

Steve Spurrier knows no quit when it comes to “talking season,” and quite frankly we’re okay with that. The Head Ball Coach makes everything just a little more interesting when he’s in front of a mic.

The latest in a long list of Spurrierisms this offseason is a jab Texas A&M’s schedule. While addressing the Columbia Touchdown Club on Wednesday regarding this upcoming season and the Gamecocks’ first game against the Aggies, Spurrier stated that A&M’s 20 wins over the past two seasons are smoke and mirrors.

“They haven’t played the bigger teams so their schedule has been a little misleading,” Spurrier stated.

He further elaborated that the Aggies’ non-conference opponents from 2013 – Rice, Sam Houston State, SMU and UTEP – were “barely Division I.” To be fair here, a lot of schools have exactly this same problem, which isn’t always in a program’s complete control.

Spurrier also discussed the storied Texas-Texas A&M rivalry, and how it’s a shame they don’t play each other anymore – which we are fully on board with.

“I find it interesting that they quit playing Texas,” Spurrier said. “They played Texas 115 years like we have played Clemson and then they left that Big 12 conference and both schools got mad at each other and said, ‘We aren’t going to play you anymore.’ It would be like us and Clemson saying we are not playing anymore. Our whole state would go crazy. The governor would get involved in that.”

Yet again, the HBC knows no quit.