Urban Meyer Will Spin You Right Round, Baby

You’re Urban Meyer. You were riding high on the horse last season until Michigan State pulled your pants down around your ankles in front of the entire nation. Then you took the saddest picture this side of Keanu Reeves. And then you go out and flop in the Orange Bowl to a guy with questionable math skills.

Turn the page to 2014 and things don’t get any better. Your wife takes a shot at your former fan base. And then your starting quarterback, team captain, Heisman hopeful quarterback goes down for the season with a shoulder injury sustained in practice. So yeah …

Pop quiz hotshot: You’re dealing with all this baggage, and still have a day job coaching football. What do you do? What do you do?

Answer: Like the late, great Al Davis once almost said, “Just spin, baby.”

And there you have it. Like Alcoholics Anonymous is credited for saying: “Fake it ’til you make it.”

There are plenty of reasons why Urban has two titles, two of which are for being a master of the spin cycle and knowing how to motivate. No uncertainty can bleed out to the team. Show no chinks in the armor. Stay the course, and present your team with an unflappable leader. Besides, we live in a hyperbolic society – what’s a little inflated coach speak to the media.

Like Coco Chanel kinda sorta said once: “Confidence breeds success.”