Will Muschamp Got Excited, Sent This Tweet, Then Deleted It

An excited Will Muschamp let go of a premature tweet on Wednesday night. It didn’t take long for him to delete it, but Seth Rosenthal at SB Nation was quick with his hands, grabbing a screenshot of what was likely meant to be a direct message before Boom laid waste to it.

will muschamp excited tweet

My guess is that it was intended for an offensive recruit. I say that because the Gators have had a rough time in that area lately, and excessive usage of exclamation marks could be running them off. I’m no football recruiter, but I have attempted to reel in my fair share of ladies, which seems to be a similar courting process, and showing too much excitement is never a good thing.

It might be better to pass the phone to Kurt Roper when talking to potential playmakers.

  • jim

    how do you no it isn’t a woman