Will Muschamp Visits The Bo Pelini School For Good PR

Last season was a rough one for both Bo Pelini and Will Muschamp. As their respective teams underwhelmed, Pelini flipped his lid, lived through an audio leak of himself calling the Nebraska faithful, “a bunch of f*cking fair-weather” fans, and even challenged the establishment to fire him; Muschamp also flipped his lid, punched a chalkboard or two, and ended the season in a shallow grave.

With both coaches planted on iron-hot seats heading to the season, each has done a left turn from their disastrous PR nightmares in 2013 to (at least try to) endear themselves to fans.

Pelini embraced his alter-ego, Faux Pelini, and has become the clubhouse leader for “Cat Fancy Man of the Year” by bringing his kitty everywhere from recruiting trips to spring practice to Big Ten Media Day.

Muschamp has turned his Twitter deficiencies into a way of poking fun at himself. See his patented hashtag, #numbersign, and this gem of a tweet from Tuesday following a series of recent social media flubs.

Both coaches have mastered the art of sleight of hand, working their way back into fans’ hearts by presenting themselves as buffoonish and human. It’s Public Relations 101: a little humility goes a long way.