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Coaches on Christmas morning: Imagining what they were like as kids

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Have you ever wondered what Christmas morning was like for some of college football’s biggest coaching personalities when they were little kids? You’re not alone. We’ve decided to roll back the clock and envision how each coach would act during the most wonderful time of year.

Les Miles

If you’re not first, you’re last. Miles opened all the presents, ate too much candy, and passed out on the floor around 9:30 with chocolate all over his face.

Nick Saban

A PS4 and a smug smile. It doesn’t matter what other kids got, Saban’s present was the best. He’d open it without ripping the paper, fold the wrapping back up, grab the console and walk into the other room to be alone. Saban would never be satisfied while playing, though.

Kevin Sumlin

The cool kid with the presents everyone else wanted. His gifts wouldn’t float the mainstream; they’d be that thing others wish they had thought of, like a special edition pair of Nike kicks.

Will Muschamp

Every present he’d open would be followed by a “BOOM!” Doesn’t matter if it was a pair of socks, or an iPad mini, Muschamp would be fired up.

Hugh Freeze

Fishin’ pole kind of guy. One present and Freeze would be gone at the pond for the entire morning.

Mark Richt

The kid who made sure everyone else opened their presents first. When he did unwrap his, there was collected excitement and a lot of gratitude.

Bret Bielema

The devil child who was never happy with his toys and always wanted to steal other kids’. Nobody in the neighborhood liked Bielema, not even his own parents.

Urban Meyer

The kid who openly complained about his gifts, no matter how awesome they were. The scene: Unwraps PS4, looks at it and says, “I really wish this played Halo.”

Lane Kiffin

He was the kid who peeked at the presents too early. Kiffin already knew what he was getting, as well his siblings.

Jimbo Fisher

Always wanted a fake mustache kit, never got it.

Gus Malzahn

A remote control kind of guy. If it went fast, Malzahn wanted it.

Steve Spurrier

No shirt, no shoes, no problem. Spurrier ran around the neighborhood all day in nothing but his underwear. He would steal other kids’ toys, but the kids wouldn’t care, because he was a BAMF. He’d also stop off and talk with the dads in the neighborhood like they were old pals, one leg propped up on the step.

Dabo Swinney

The kid who followed Spurrier around.

Bob Stoops

Always tried to make his toys sound better than they really were.

Mack Brown

Was always let down by his parents. He’d ask for an XBOX One, only to get a 360. His folks never appreciated how good of a kid he really was.


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