Dan Patrick Puts The Screws To Mark Emmert During Interview

Shea in Irving put this tete-a-tete between Dan Patrick and Mark Emmert best when he thanked Dan for “actually interviewing” the NCAA president. Unlike other cream puff banter sessions that leave it up to Twitter to ask difficult questions, Danny Jawface came to play on Monday.

Patrick asked pointed questions and insisted on followups when Emmert tried to sidestep. The interview was tense, but not contentious. For his part Emmert handled himself much better than last week on ESPN, though he still danced a bit.

Below is the full 18-minute discourse, and it’s well worth your time. However, if you’re pressed and want one meaty soundbite, fast forward to the 17:50 mark. DP asks if Emmert would want to be paid as a college athlete. The response is predictable and priceless.