Is Eli Manning An Elite Quarterback: 2014 Edition

Ah, the NFL offseason: it’s a glorious wasteland of manufactured headlines, including the ever-popular “is ___ an elite quarterback” question. Time to stir the pot, SportsNation. Is Eli still short for Elite Manning in 2014?

Of course Mississippi stands behind Manning. He’s the best thing to come from Ole Miss since William Faulkner. As for New York, well, don’t feel bad Elisha. They didn’t consider you elite when you were shoveling dirt on the Patriots in 2008 and 2012.

  • Jethro Hicks

    Of course he’s an elite QB. He dope slapped the New England Cheatriots twice in the Super Bowl. How many other QB’s can boast about winning the SB twice and being MVP twice? He had a very bad year last year. He’ll be back this year and the Giants will win the NFC EAST.