ESPN Is Giving A Clinic On How To Disrespect The Gators

Hey FSU fans, if you ever wanted to figure out how to disrespect the Gators, ESPN is currently giving a clinic on it. Let’s take a run down this list.

1. Billy Donovan Has 16 Consecutive Winning Seasons – No Big Deal, Just The Fourth Most In The Country


2. The Gators Are The No. 1 Overall Seed


3. Florida Put Together A Perfect SEC Record – Regular Season And Tournament


4. There Is Nothing More Disrespectful Than Confusing UF With The School Out West

espn florida kentucky graphic fail

5. And Not To Be Forgotten, Zero ESPN Analysts Picked The Gators To Win The Championship
Take It Away Homer…


  • Heath

    Not just 16 winning seasons, but 16 seasons with 20 wins! They left out Bill Self too.

  • Bryan Reed

    ESPN must have a disgruntled FSU grad as an employee.