Chicago Cubs’ Rain Delay Tarp Fail Is So Very Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs were back to doing Chicago Cubs-type things on Tuesday night. During a rain delay at Wrigley Field, the grounds crew attempted to cover the field with a tarp to keep it from getting drenched, but miscalculated its application and was left scrambling to piece together some sort of water protection.

As you could probably guess, that didn’t work, which led to a lengthy delay as the Cubs used a leaf blower and sand to dry up the infield lake.

For all you aspiring grounds crew folks out there, this is exactly what you don’t want to do:

Poor San Francisco Giants. They didn’t ask to be a part of this.

*UPDATE* After almost five hours of delay, the game was finally called, giving the Cubs a 2-0 win, which should probably have to be forfeited after their rookie display.


  • Earl Scott

    That was the very worst acting by the “ground crew” I have ever seen, of course I DON’T watch the DISNEY Channel!!!!!! This was even worse than listening to the “COMIC- DUO” in the TV booth.

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